Milota Havránková.

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Milota Havránková.

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milota is considered to be an exceptional phenomenon in Slovak and Czech photography. She experiments, breaks traditions, transforms and modernises her personal style. She exploits new technologies and possibilities, transcending photography into architecture, painting and fashion design. She has taught young people for over thirty years, and shaped the “Slovak new wave”, the generation of successful photographers who fundamentally influence the Czech photographic scene. Her creative approach significantly influenced the Slovak art scene, the younger generation in particular.


Born 7 August 1945 Košice, Slovakia
School of Applied Arts, Bratislava
Academy of Performing Arts, Prague (Prof. Ján Šmok)
Photojournalist – Film Studios Koliba, Bratislava
Freelance artist
School of Applied Arts, Bratislava, teacher of art photography
Freelance artist
Co-founder of GALÉRIA X, Bratislava
Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, co-founder of the Department of Art Photography, Head of the Studio of Art Photography, member of the Academic Senate
Film School of the Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, teacher at the Department of Photography
Named the Associate Professor of Photography, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
Head of the Department of Photography and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, member of the Academic Senate of the Academy of Fine Arts
Named the Professor of Creative Art by the President of Slovakia, Bratislava
Director and curator of PF 01 Gallery of the Student Loan Fund, Bratislava
2012 - 2013
Professor at the Department of Photography, Film Academy of Perfoming Arts in Prague, Czech Republic
Head of Studio 'Medium of Photography', Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Dialogue of Milota Havránková with Tina Čorná at the exhibition opening of Green House, marking the artist’s 60th anniversary, published in SME newspaper 20 October 2005.

In what sense is photography irreplaceable?
For me it is the second language.
Changes have penetrated your entire work. Have you ever feared how your new radical approach will end up?
I have often faced the fact that people seemed to have “buried” me and said this was my end. When I started doing fashion design, artists thought that I had gone completely mad. But I simply felt the urge to try out something new and get to the people who thought in a different way. It helped me a lot and even though I got excellent feedback, I am not engaged in fashion any more.
Why? You were successful with your exceptionally elegant fashion design.
To tell you the truth, I am not interested in fashion and I have never bought fashion magazines. My parents were aestheticians – they always tried to create for us an environment in which we could feel well. This has remained in every aspect. Environment greatly influences the human being and determines his/her living space. To balance life in the city, I have a wooden cottage in Central Slovakia where I spend three months a year. I disappear from Bratislava and live with country people who know nothing about my work. I feel great.
Is it also a part of the Green House, the title of your jubilee exhibition this year?
Yes, it is. And so is the orchard around the cottage with almost one hundred fruit trees which I have never picked fruit from. It falls on the ground, and horses and cows graze there and consume it, some of it is taken by my visitors.
Do you take photographs of rustic nature?
So far I have only drawn inspiration from nature, this theme matures inside me, but sometime I will certainly come up with it. I have always been afraid of taking photographs of nature, because one quickly slips into something eye-catching. When people find themselves in nature, they go into raptures over everything. I have received two thousand photographs to judge for the amateur competition of Sony, all of them with nature motifs. Every second print is the same. I am surprised by the degree of illusory sentiment in people. They are natural imitators.

solo exhibitions
Tübingen (Germany), STUDENTENGALERIE, Milota Marková
Krakov (Poland), FOTO GALERIE, Milota Marková
Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), KOMORNÁ GALÉRIA, ProfilE OF Marko‘s composition
Vysoké mýto (Czechoslovakia), GALÉRIA NEMOCNICE, Milota Marková
Martin (Czechoslovakia), NATIONAL THEATRE, Woman in Slovak Literature
Nové Zámky (Czechoslovakia), MESTSKÁ GALÉRIA, Milota Havránková
Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), GALÉRIA CYPRIÁNA MAJERNÍKA, Milota Havránková
Wroclaw (Poland), WROCLAWSKÁ GALÉRIA FOTO MEDIUM ART, Monumental Photography
Warszawa (Poland), FOTO GALÉRIA, Monumental Photography
Bratislava (Czechoslovakia), GALÉRIA SFVU, Dielo
Trenčín (Czechoslovakia), GALÉRIA SFVU, Dielo
Košice (Czechoslovakia), GALÉRIA SFVU, Dielo
Bratislava (Slovakia), GALÉRIA X STYLE, permanent exhibition and sale of textile design clothes and photographs
Kristiansad (Norway), GALLERI 101, Fotodesign – exhibition of textile design
Klagenfurt (Austria), ARS TEMPORIS
Prague (Czech Republic), GALÉRIA MLADÁ FRONTA, Inaugurace